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I Am Cat (Jackie Morris) - beautifully illustrated and accompanied by a colorful macaw who's depicted swooping into this cat's dreams. 


A cat sleeps, curled up in a warm place, and while it sleeps it dreams. . . of being a tiger, flame cat of the forest; a cheetah - fast as the wind on the African plains; a lion, lounging through the heat of the day, tangled in sunshine on the African savannah; a jaguar, perfectly camouflaged deep in the jungle. And the cat dreams of being a lynx, a puma, a snow leopard, a Scottish wild cat, an Asian fishing cat, and the rare Amur leopard. Finally Cat wakes, a domestic cat again, telling his dreams to the child who is stroking him.

Ten wild habitats, ten wild cats and one domestic cat are dramatically and beautifully illustrated in this unique celebration of the cat.


Easily ordered on Amazon - Recycled Reading Buddies Bundle- 2 Items: Macaw Bird Plush, Children's Book I Am Cat.


I Am Cat book and colorful plush macaw companion

SKU: B2RRB0918-10
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