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One day an unruly curl pops out of Harriet’s nice, neat braid―a wriggly, wavy, horrible curl.

When Harriet’s sister offers to fix her rebellious curl, they launch into a series of outrageous, hair-raising schemes to tame Harriet’s wayward ringlet. Despite their best efforts, another curl breaks loose…and then another…and then another. Soon the yard and the house are a wreck, poor Harriet is exhausted, and her head is covered in curls.

Dawn Stewart’s rollicking, boisterous tale, vividly brought to life by Michael White’s brilliant and quirky illustrations, will entertain young readers while helping them to see that the root of our problems is sometimes all in the way we look at them.


This book is accompanied by a cute little puppy to snuggle. 

Harriet's Horrible Hair Day (book) with fluffy plush puppy

SKU: RRB2020-255A
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