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Longer days. . .then brighter days.
Mellow, yellow sun rays,
Blossom in the breezes…


Birds chirping, butterflies fluttering, bunnies hopping, flowers blooming--spring is in the air! Discover all the delights of the season in this joyful new book from Cathy MacLennan, author and illustrator of the popular Chicky Chicky Chook Chook. MacLennan's bold, colorful art and rhythmic language chock-full of fun-to-imitate sounds make this a wonderful read-aloud.


And meant to be read aloud to an enthusiastic listener in the plush and well dressed bunny that accompanies this book. 

Bunny Bunny Catkin (book) with bunny dressed for Easter

SKU: RRB2020-0108A
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