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It's Christmastime in Alaska, and Santa is preparing for another winter ride with his sackful of toys and his magical team of flying caribou. But one caribou named Kotz is tired of all the stories about Rudolph and reindeer pulling the sleigh. He alerts the press across the world, determined to get noticed by the media. However, when Santa stops for a rest at a zoo, Kotz meets Star, a reindeer who understands the true meaning of Christmas.  With Santa's help, Kotz learns that sharing is more important than earning fame.  One of the old reindeer who were left out of pulling Santa's sleigh is included in this gift (we're thinking it's Vixen)   Written by Tricia Brown, Illustrated by Alan Stacy. 

Alaskan Night Before Christmas (book) with plush reindeer

SKU: RRB2020-0228A
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